Welcome to Creative Flow Studios the best affordable wedding cinematographer and photographer company in Queensland. We specialize in cinematic story telling of your special day and will produce a video you will want to watch and share with all your family and friends.

Why Us

Creative Flow Studios is rated five stars from all our clients and this is because we over exceed our clients expectations and create stories that our couples will cherish for a life-time to come.

Your wedding is more than just a declaration of marriage or two people exchanging rings. Your wedding is a moment in your lives that only happens once, it is filled with so much emotion, laughter and tears that this event becomes priceless.

Once you leave your wedding reception and embark on your honeymoon, your life as a married couple begins and many special moments are shared and your wedding day memories will start to fade away.

Once the day is over flowers have died the cake is eaten and the only thing you have to show for it your cinematic wedding videography and photography. This is why important to spend your investment wisely and not purely on the cheapest one available. Like everything you get what you paid for and these memories are priceless! Cinematic Wedding Videography is more than just a video, its about manipulating lighting, depth of field and composition to achieve “the look” of films shown in Hollywood. These techniques mixed with the days emotion and story makes up the basis to cinematic wedding videography.

Our Style

Your wedding is only about you and this is why we strive to never interrupt the moments and capture everything as natural and candid as possible. Our quality is unrivaled by anyone in the industry, we ensure the cleanest footage possible with no shaky out of focus ever. We ensure that everything will be correctly exposed never too bright or dark in any scenario.